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Go Vitamin C Serum 15ml


Vitamin C is known to have great anti-ageing properties that protects the skin while also brightening it and helping fade pigmentation. This Vitamin C serum is created using best quality natural ingredients that help with skin concerns such as dullness, hyperpigmentation, early signs of ageing, dryness, excess oil production and acne. It helps clear acne and acne scars and provides skin a youthful glow while also moisturizing it. For oily skin it balances oil production. Ideal for all skin types. Chemicals and preservatives free.

Sku: 1503931027003


  • Hydrates skin and balances skin’s natural moisture level
  • Soothes acne breakouts and helps clear acne
  • Removes dead skin cells and provides a natural glow to skin
  • Purifies skin and tightens pores
  • Makes skin noticeably soft and plump


Apply 2-3 drops on face and massage them in with upward motions. It can be used both in the day and night-time. It’s also a great primer before makeup application.

Note: For external use only. Some individuals may be allergic to certain ingredients. It’s preferable to do a patch test before widespread use. Patch test on forearm is recommended before use . Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs. If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Keep out of eyes and ears. Keep out of reach of children.


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