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Versus Marine Collagen Stick 240g


Sku: 8377877767872

Versus Marine Collagen – stick packs

Build Beauty from Within


Versus Marine Collagen is exclusively designed to meet the nutritional requirements of Super Active Women and help them live each to the fullest. We have taken exceptional care to deliver an optimum diet for enhancing physical performance and beauty to celebrate womanhood. Our authentic marine collagen powder is sourced from Norway and is a nutrient-rich Superfood containing structural protein, IAA’s, and BCAA’s for your daily well-being.

Reasons to Love


  • Athletic Boost

Gives a natural athletic boost by providing the fuel needed to power through high-intensity exercises or work routines.

  • Amino Powerhouse

Versus™ Marine Collagen contains 20 amino acids, including nine essential amino acids. It may help to maintain lean body mass and aid in muscle repair.

  • Strengthens Joints

Clinical trials have shown that Marine Collagen strengthens bones, joints, and ligaments. It also helps reduce joint pain and muscle stiffness.

  • Reduces Wrinkles & Increases Skin Elasticity

Inclusion of Versus™ Marine Collagen is the perfect food for glowing skin, improves skin health and increases elasticity. It will help you naturally reduce wrinkles and is ultimate solution for fading of cellulite and stretch marks.

  • Prevent Cravings

Versus™ Marine Collagen is 40% more satiating than whey, soy, or casein. It helps you feel full for a more extended period and may help you with weight management.

  • Improves Gut Health

Marine Collagen peptides help maintain better gut health by reducing inflammations, aiding in digestion, and repairing the intestinal lining.


  • Brain Health

Improves brain health and helps keep the mind calm and focused.

  • Supports Hair & Nail Growth

Amino acids in Collagen help the body build hair and nail proteins and the strengthen its roots. It may prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.


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