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Saveurs Argan Oil 100ml


Sku: 4562300

Cosmetic Argan Oil is great for all hair and skin types. It is Natural, Non-greasy and an Alcohol-Free Product. It is directly sourced from South-West Morocco where the Argan tree grows naturally without any human interference. It absorbs instantly into the skin adding hydration to it. When applied on hair it adds brilliant shine and tame the unmanageable frizzy hair with out leaving behind any residue protecting the skin and hair from damage.

Ingredients : Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil


For Hair: Apply on (dry or wet) hair then style as usual. It can be used as a carrier oil as well.

For Skin : Apply and massage until absorbed.

All our Argan Oil has been certified organic by CCPB MA
BIO 102 and meet this end , regulation standards of
EC N.834/2007 N.889/2008 ans US NOP of the highest-quality. Saveurs D’ Orient Natural Argan Oil is 100% organic.

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    Saveurs Argan Oil 100ml – Necos

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