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Necos Super Fresh Face Freshener 140ml


All Natural face Freshener with cucmber extracts. This 15 minute face mask is excellent for oily skin

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Sku: 209954001501

Cucumber Extract is rich in Vitamin C, A, B, D and E and beta-carotene and manganese minerals. Cucumber will bring its cooling, refreshing, hydrating and skin tightening effects on skin. Cucumber properties are well known as a good remedy for inflammations, acne, blemishes and swelling around the face.

Cucumbers contain unique Polyphenols called lingnans that work as antioxidants to protect your cells in your body from free radical damage. This 15 minute face mask is excellent for oily skin and for use in the summer months as cucmber extracts act as atringent, mini mising pores and preventing excess secretion of sebum and build up.


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