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Chia Bia Milled Chia Seed


Milled Chia Seeds – Chia bia uses Salvia hispanica L. (CHIA), a uniquely beneficial seed which is high in …Milled Chia Seeds

  • – Omega 3
  • – Fibre
  • – Protein
  • – Antioxidants

Milled Chia Seed is the Whole Seed ground up, nothing added, just pure Chia with a different texture. Some people prefer a powdered texture as oppose to the crunch of the whole seed so this allows you to choose which you like to use.
Just add 15g to your favorite cereals, drinks, salads or your favourite recipe to help create a balanced diet.

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Boost your nutrition easily with Chia Bia. Simply add Milled Chia Seeds to your favourite foods or drinks and enjoy a varied and balanced diet and active lifestyle for good health!


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