Here’s to great beginnings!


Welcome to the very first blog post from N’eco’s Natural Store & Café. While this is our very first post, it certainly isn’t the first time we’re sharing. Five years of information sharing and community building are nearing fruition this April 2015.

It’s just our first time on a blog so you will understand that we’re really hoping you will enjoy it.

So! Since this is a beginning of sorts, let us share the perfect way to begin your day.

For me, this smoothie clean off replaced my morning tea (and definitely helped break my caffeine addiction and made me realize my morning tea was killing my appetite). Not only will it energize you, it will also fill you up, make you feel fuller for longer and will nourish your system with its raw goodness.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A blender (All good smoothies begin with a spin)

A handful of spinach leaves (approx.. 8 medium sized leaves)

A handful of strawberries (about 6 medium sized ones)

Half a tablespoon of flaxseeds

Two dates

Two tablespoons of Greek Yogurt (Regular yogurt will do too or substitute with your

favourite nut milk)

A pinch of ground cinnamon

2 ice cubes (Optional. You could use frozen strawberries in stead to chill it but in the

winter I prefer this at room temperature)

Start by blending the strawberries and spinach together. Blend until smooth and

then toss in the dates and give it another whirl. Add in everything else and another

quick spin should do it.

Enjoy chilled or as is.

Let us know how you liked it.

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Nazish Chagla writes for N‘eco’s Natural Store & Cafe