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N‛eco’s Natural Store & Café is a labour of love; an idea that has sprouted into what can easily be called the most unique café of it’s kind in Pakistan. Opened in April 2010, not only is it the first café cum store cum Deli, N‛eco’s  is dedicated to healthy living and community building.

Nilofer Saeed is not only an entrepreneur, but is also passionate about what she serves up to the world. In this case, N‛eco’s is home, a getaway, a great place for friends and family to come together and you go-to for alternative healing products and resources.

Through our Facebook page we have been disseminating information on how to get healthier, look for better ways to heal yourself and your loved ones, and how to make minor adjustments to your lifestyle to live longer and happier.

We now bring you the N‛eco’s e-store, making our products available to anyone, anywhere in the world who might need them.

Happy Healthy shopping~

With love from N‛eco’s