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We Are Since 1993

Nilofer Saeed is the brains behind the establishment of Copper Kettle in Karachi in 1993. It was a time when coffee shops and restaurants were few and far between. It was the only restaurant of it’s kind and set the stage for all others to follow. Copper Kettle was rebranded as Hobnob Cafe in 2000 to bring it line with the larger group.


With her experience in the restaurant industry, Nilofer Saeed sensed the opportunity for unique desserts as an alternative to more traditional  sweets. Along came Karachi’s largest network of bakeries, Hobnob Bakery, with up to 22 branches operating at a single time.


A labour of love comes to fruition. N’eco’s Natural Store & Cafe opened it’s doors on earth day as Pakistan’s first Organic store and Natural Cafe. Our product range has since grown to over 3000 SKUs and our menu appeals to extensive and eclectic palates.

The N'eco's Cafe

The Cafe menu focuses on appealing to different palates and to families. N’eco’s created a space where everyone can enjoy what they love, indulgent or healthy, but guaranteed fresh and natural.

The N'eco's Deli and Bakery

The Deli and Bakery consists of products made on our very own premises, made fresh daily. These products cater to just the regular sweet tooth and extend to sugar free, gluten free, vegan, keto and all other specialty diets.

N'eco's Organic Store

The Organic Store stocks products ranging from super-foods to all natural beauty and personal care, Eco friendly products to pure and natural edibles. We strongly believe in supporting local brands and encourage female entrepreneurs and small business. We are constantly garnering feedback from customers and improving the selection of products available.

Our aim is to bring you everything you need to live an authentically natural and clean life, under one roof. If it’s N’eco’s, it’s healthy!

Our Founder
Nilofer Saeed is not only an entrepreneur, but is also passionate about what she serves up to the world. In this case, N‛eco’s is home, a getaway, a great place for friends and family to come together and you go-to for alternative healing products and resources.
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