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We offer the best selection of sunglasses and designer glasses at prices you will love!
We offer the best selection of sunglasses and designer glasses at prices you will love!



Processed foods from your supermarket alter the nature of these foods resulting in loss of nutrients and beneficial properties. We source natural foods that are free of artificial ingredients or preservatives and which have been only minimally processed. Our organic products are free of all chemical fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives.



You’d be surprised at how many great ingredients can be sourced locally in Pakistan.   We support local producers by making an effort to stock products that are made locally and with locally sourced ingredients.  We also support the our food artisans who produce our N’eco’s Brand products for us, making these in small batches to maintain the authentic flavors.



Necos was started on the principle of working with our customers, partners, suppliers and neighbors to create positive change.  We take a comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact looking at all aspects of our business to create meaningful and sustained change.

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