Specialized bakery
N‛eco’s caters to a variety of special health needs such as diabetes, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance to name a few.
The N‛eco’s Deli stocks scrumptious goodies both ready to eat and half cooked so you can enjoy a bit of N‛eco’s at home.
We have a strict back to nature policy when it comes to beauty. We have our very own range of beauty and personal care products. 
N‛eco’s Product
N‛eco’s is committed to bringing you the healthiest, most natural and wherever possible, organic products.


Super Foods
These foods are proven through research to contain nutrients essential to your well being. 
N‛eco’s stocks our very own range of honeys sourced straight from the Nothern region of Pakistan and 100% unprocessed.
Weight Loss
The best way to healthy weight loss is without a doubt the natural way. Eat well, eat smart and lose weight with these tried and tested weight loss products.
Edible Oils
It is essential to pick the right oil in this day and age. necos offers a range of healthy oils and alternative to our everyday oils to keep you and your family healthy,
Organic products are quickly gaining popularity in Pakistan as we begin to understand why organic is good for you and good for the earth.
When your health needs that day to day extra boost, try our wide selection of health supplements. We have and extensive range that caters to the all needs.
Nuts & Seeds
N‛eco’s brings you our very own range of natural seeds and nuts that contain vitamins and good fats that are essential for healthy bodily functions.
Organic & Gluten Free Flours
It’s time to make healthier choices; Go whole wheat, go organic! And if you have a gluten allergy we have a wide variety for you too.
Spices and Condiments
The N‛eco’s range of spices and condiments is completely natural and is made lovingly in our very own kitchens. We also stock other organic and natural brands.
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